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What Makes Our Returns Better?

It’s simple. We do it on purpose. We are determined to be the best at everything we do and for everything we offer to be superior than the rest. It is in our moral and business DNA. Our returns are better and our investments are backed by tangible assets. And we have a track record to prove that we are in a league of our own. Many of our investors are making multiples of what they were making in the paper market and are making it consistently, every month, no matter what the news says is going on. The current and future economy is already factored in to every decision and investment we make.

Not only do we have the motivation, passion, and determination; we also have the skills and brains to make it happen. We have been featured in over 300 national publications for our investment expertise, and know where to invest in a down market for safer, better returns.

To be the best, you also have to employ the best. You can ask our employees about our rigorous hiring process: if they get through it, they are the best! We are a team of unparalleled excellence, accountability, teamwork, dedication and skill. This goes for our contractors and extended team members too. Everyone on our team and everyone working in connection with our team are known for being the best.

Our Process

  • Step 1Our Property Acquisitions Team locates the specialized property in strong sub-markets and runs an analysis of the numbers to ensure strong cash flow to our investors.
  • Step 2Our Advisors help our clients make the most of their investments, producing the highest revenue completely hands-off.
  • Step 3Our Property Construction Team goes to work, bringing the construction and improvements to superb quality to ensure the highest and best use of the property
  • Step 4Our Management Team maintains the property and customers with excellence and completely oversees the property so our clients can rest while they invest!

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional customer service and stellar products that enable our investors to confidently rest while they invest.

Our aim is to change lives by providing an iron-clad form of wealth building and a cashflow producing vehicle for those who are building their portfolio. An important thing to understand about our company is that we are others-focused. Our company invests ample amounts of company profits to helping the less fortunate all around the world. It is not a hobby or a ‘publicity stunt’ – it is our purpose & our conviction. It is truly our main drive as a company.


What Our Clients Say

  • We first got started with LubbockInvest after we heard Blake Templeton on KRFE Radio (AM 580) a few times. We called the phone number and met with Romeyo Kirven. Before we invested, we spoke to a judge and a Lubbock banker and they told us LubbockInvest was a sound investment. We like the security of our investment being collateralized by real estate because the stock market is just too volatile.  LubbockInvest does what they say they will do and can be counted on. We really enjoy the peace of mind of having a dependable monthly check.

    Ronald and Donna Williams
  • LubbockINVEST has invested my money for 3 years now, and the rate of return I am receiving right now is 400% more than what I was receiving in my best investment avenue before. I can rest at night knowing my investment is safe and secured by real estate.

    Joann Eddleman USA
  • I have tried several things over the years, the stock market and different things that promised a lot and those never worked long term. Real Estate is so substantial, and to have a very low risk investment with a very high return, I don’t think that anyone can ask much more than that. What I love about LubbockINVEST is that they are the kind of people that enjoy seeing people succeed. I know people pretty well, and that’s pretty rare.

    Larry Doyle USA
  • I saw the excitement about the company and we thought ” if other people are doing it, we can do it.” The percentages are wonderful, and I think for people that are on the fence and are not sure, but want to invest, they want to do something with real estate, LubbockINVEST is what they need.

    Connie Harmon USA

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